Service Agreement


How To Prepare for Your Cleaner

Safety & Precautions

Please prepare before the house cleaner arrives, if you want the house cleaner to focus on cleaning. It's best to clear away any clutter that would get in the way. Also, keep in mind that cleaners do not move furniture. If you want a hard-to-reach area cleaned, consider moving items out of the way ahead of time to make it accessible. 

For safety reasons, our cleaners are not allowed to reach passed the 3-step ladder. If it's something we cannot reach within distance, we will not be allowed to clean that area. While working in the customers home in order for the cleaner to perform efficiently, we must be able to adjust the temperature to create a better working environment. We will adjust temperature back once we are done. 

Loss or Breakage

Pretty Girls Clean Too, LLC is 100% licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask our office for details on insurance limits.

In-Home Consultation/Free Estimate

All consultations are required for first time customers. A meet and greet with a quick walk-through of the home. This is the time you get to address any cleaning concerns you may have, as well as get to know more about Pretty Girls Clean Too, LLC services. We can help you find a solution to your cleaning needs, and develop a cleaning plan for your home. We will follow up with an estimate, and get you booked for your cleaning appointment. The consultations takes anywhere between 15-30 minutes.

*Note: Prices online are based on regular maintenance, so a consultation is required for the initial cleaning. Prices vary depending on the condition of the home. 

First Time/Initial Cleanings/Recurring Cleanings/Recurring Services

First time cleanings prices may vary based on the condition of the home. We cannot guarantee cleaning rates based off online prices. Online rates are based off regular maintenance. After the initial cleaning and/or first time cleaning we charge a fix rate for regular  recurring services (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services).

Cleaning Times

We do our best to be prompt and meet the cleaning time indicated, but traffic, weather, and other clients may affect our schedule. We, at Pretty Girls Clean Too, LLC like to focus on giving each home the proper attention it deserves, rather than fitting each customer into a small window. Please allow at least a 3-hour window time in between cleanings. If your schedules cleaner is going to be more than 15 minutes late, we will contact you. If no arrival time is indicated, then the cleaning will be completed between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. Our cleaners appreciate your flexibility. When possible please allow for an open time frame rather than exact an exact arrival time. 

Add -Ons:

In order to make any last minute sudden changes to accommodate your home cleaning needs. Our office will need to be notify within 48 hours before your cleaning. Due to scheduling and timing of other clients, we will not be able to accommodate any last minute add-ons.


Cleaning Products, Services, & More


Pretty Girls Clean Too, LLC provides the products and equipment necessary to clean your home. Our products are earth-friendly and completely safe for your surfaces. If you would like to use a product we do not carry, then please provide that product we will be happy to use it in your home. We cannot guarantee the safety of products that you provide. For heavy build-up or stains we may request a stronger cleaning agent, which may contain toxins. Please ask our office if you would like more specific information on our products. 

Cleaning Packages

*Dainty Home Cleaning Package *

(Basic/Standard Cleaning)

*Pretty Girls Signature Home Cleaning Package*

(Deep Cleaning Rotation)

*Glamour Home Cleaning Package*

(Deep Cleaning)

*Glamour Home Cleaning Deluxe Package*

(Move In/Move Out Cleaning)

Below is a list of the task performed on each type of cleaning:

Bedrooms And other Living  Areas

Beds made/linen changed (if bed is stripped and linen is left out), dust knick-knacks, frames, lamps/wall hangings furniture, cobwebs removed, dust moldings, window sills and baseboards, mirrors cleaned, tidy the overall room appearance, empty waste baskets, vacuum floors and carpeting; and mop wood floors.


Clean all visible interior and exterior parts of toilets; empty waste baskets and replace bags, clean sink, counter, cabinet fronts and mirror, clean and sanitize shower/tub walls, floor and fixtures; dusting shelving, knick-knacks, mirror and picture frames; and clean flooring including back beyond the toilet. 


Appliances wiped down, stovetop cleaned, clean inside and outside of microwave; clean underneath and behind small appliances; clean countertops/backsplash, cabinet cleaned (front only), table and chairs wiped, overall appearance of the room left neat, clean sink area; empty trash waste baskets, and replace bags, and clean flooring.

Special/Additional Services

*Hand Washed Dishes


*Refrigerator Cleaning

*Oven Cleaning

*Cabinet Cleaning (Inside & Out)

*Floor Polishing

*Steam Mopping

*Window Washing (Interior Only within reach)

*Basement Cleaning



*Organization Projects

*Carpet Cleaning 


Payment Policy, Deposits, & More

Payment Policy

Payment is due on the day of service, before the close of business by 5:00pm. We accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, or checks. However, if you choose to pay by credit card/debit card there is a $5.00 processing fee that will be applied. The fee applies to Pay pal and Cash App as well.

Cleaning Deposit

At Pretty Girls Clean Too, LLC we request a $25.00 deposit fee for basic/standard cleanings. As well as, a $75.00 deposit fee for deep cleanings and/or move in/move out cleanings. Due to timing, scheduling, and cancellation purposes the refund is non-refundable. Once the deposit is made your appointment will then be confirmed. The deposit will be deducted from your cleaning cost the day of service. Deposits can be made online on our website at 

*Note: If the appointment is made and we have not yet received payment of the deposit. We will not be able to confirm for the cleaning appointment.

No Deposit=No Appointment


Late Cancellation Fees/Lock Out Fees

If you wish to cancel or reschedule a cleaning appointment, at least 48 business hours (excluding weekends) is required. We must adhere strictly to this policy in order to prevent lost wages for your cleaner.

If a cleaning appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours, in advance, or if the cleaner is unable to enter the house, a cancellation fee of $25.00 of the cleaning cost will be charged.

On the rare occasion that Pretty Girls Clean Too, LLC must reschedule an appointment with less than 48 hours advance notice, a $25.00 credit will be offered on the next cleaning. If our offer to reschedule is refused by the customer for any reason, no credit will be granted.

Pet Policy/Pet Fees

At Pretty Girls Clean Too, LLC we are a pet friendly cleaning service. However, we do ask if any pets are in the home, once the cleaning has taken place the customer can then secure the pets, until the completion of the cleaning. This is to guarantee quality, as well as safety for the cleaners and the pets. We also do not clean any animal feces, as this considered a health hazard (bio-hazard). Due to the extra maintenance and timing it takes to clean, and additional fee of $15.00 is charge for pets to the cleaning cost.

Sick Policy

If you or your children get sick with a contagious illness (i.e. the flu, a cold, pneumonia, chicken pox etc.) please call and reschedule your cleaning. Even though we disinfect your house, it is possible that we might transport germs to the next house or become sick ourselves. And to be fair to all the customers we prefer to wait until you are well again. On our end, we may call in as sick as well to protect you and your family.

Inclement Weather Policy

For any reason if there is a severe thunder storm, snow, sleet, etc, and conditions they may impact safety on the roads. We will not be able to make it to clean the home. We will be able to reschedule at your earliest convenience as weather permits.


*First Time Customer Discount ($10.00 off)

*Senior Citizen Discount ($10.00 off)

*New and Expecting Mom Discount ($10.00 off)

Referral Program

Most of our clientele is built by referrals and word of mouth. Our referral program requires a referral minimum of one friend and/or family member. When you refer one family member and/or friend you will receive $25.00 off your cleaning with a confirmed referral. (Let them know you referred us!)

Loyalty Program

We have now started our new loyalty program at Pretty Girls Clean Too, LLC. We are so excited about this and wanted to let our customers know that they our very much appreciated. On each loyalty card our customers will receive 15% off their 5th cleaning. (Dainty Home Cleaning Package) (Restrictions do apply).

Service Quality Guarantee

Pretty Girls Clean Too, LLC strives to provide an outstanding cleaning service for our clients. If you are unhappy with any cleaning services provided you are required to notify within 24 hours of services at no extra charge to compensate for your inconvenience. 

If we do not receive notice of a problem within 24 hours of the cleaning, or if you decide to correct the problem yourself, we will not be able to correct the problem for you nor will you be compensated for your inconvenience.